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Bring Me the Horizon – Sempiternal Review

April 30, 2013


Bring Me the Horizon achieved raging success in 2010 with third album ‘There is a Hell Believe Me I’ve seen It. There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep it a Secret’ and they have continued to step up their game in fourth album ‘Sempiternal’. The Sheffield quintet formed in 2004 and have faced a battle of […]

Skrillex, the First and the Last

November 5, 2011


Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex is one of the biggest artists in the new found genre of dubstep. He’s not your typical DJ as from 2004-2007 he was front man of the rock band From First to Last, until he decided to go solo in ’07. He has the appearance of your conventional ‘rocker’: dark hair, tunnels, […]

Ed Sheeran ‘+’ Review

September 22, 2011


☆☆☆☆☆ He’s quickly becoming one of the most favourited musicians of this year. He’s introduced a new genre to the music industry. His album’s been crowned no.1 within less than a week from it’s release date. He is Edward Christopher Sheeran. On Monday 12th September the long, anticipated album ‘+’ was placed on the shelves […]

Blonde Louis Interview

September 19, 2011


Blonde Louis are a British up and coming band from Letchworth, Hertfordshire. The band consist of four young, stylish lads, ages between 18-20 – Josh Clarke, Jack Cherry, Harvey Downes and Jack Cox. They formed three years ago and have watched their fan base grow bigger and bigger ever since. For those who haven’t been […]

A Vintage Autumn

August 23, 2011


Vintage has become very fashionable over the up and coming years, so why not fill your autumn wardrobe with as much vintage as possible? This particular dress is from Missselfridge £45, with a mix of navy and golden brown, with the famous peterpan collar. Accessorize it with some gold jewellery, and some brown knee high […]

My Tarot Card Reading Experience

August 15, 2011


So, I’ve decided to start learning how to use tarot cards, as I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a psychic. My neighbour (also a close family friend) has done tarot card reading for years and she bought my mum a set a while ago, but my mum isn’t really into anything like that […]

The Peterpan Collar Dress

August 10, 2011


The Peterpan collar dress is one of my favourites. It’s come in fashion very quickly, in correlation with the vintage style. The little collars are cute and very stylish – a 2011 must-have. This particular pink dress is from Miss Selfridge, but unfortunately, and somewhat inevitably, they sold out very quickly. However, any fashionable store […]

Ed Sheeran – He’s Finally Made It

July 23, 2011


Finally, Ed Sheeran has been discovered after six hard-working, determined years of trying to make it successfully into the music industry. He’s written several EP’s, collaborated with a number of great artists, which each time has brought him closer and closer into the public eye.  He’s finally made it, and he couldn’t be happier, and […]

Bring Me The Horizon – I don’t think they’re asking for much

July 10, 2011


I have recently rediscovered my love for Bring Me The Horizon. I liked their music a number of years ago, but ever since their new album came out, ‘There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret’, I just find myself rewinding back in time and constantly listening […]

The Devil Wears Prada Review

July 10, 2011


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