Skrillex, the First and the Last

Posted on November 5, 2011


Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex is one of the biggest artists in the new found genre of dubstep. He’s not your typical DJ as from 2004-2007 he was front man of the rock band From First to Last, until he decided to go solo in ’07. He has the appearance of your conventional ‘rocker’: dark hair, tunnels, piercings, tattoos and skinny jeans.  The last profession you’d expect him to be in is dubstep, but I think that’s a part of the attraction. And, of course the fact that he makes some sensational tracks.

Dubstep has only recently took off, despite it being around in the late 90s. The last couple of years it’s become the centre of youth culture and has formed a whole new world of music.

‘Cinema’ originally written by Benny Benassi, is one of Skrillex’s most melodic tracks. It starts with smooth beats which lead up to the vocals of the original Benny Benassi track but with a slightly faster tempo dictating it. It then switches to a high pitched ‘crazy frog’ vocal, followed by the lyrics ‘drop the bass’ before a much anticipated and inevitable dropping of the bass’. If it’s anything this guy has a much respected talent for, it’s producing the heaviest drops in history. The body of the song is filled with high pitched notes, and very heavy basslines.

Another favourite is ‘Hey Sexy Lady’. The beginning contains robotic vocals complimented by a steady and rhythmic tempo which all contribute to a great introduction to another very heavy track. Just before the drop Skrillex throws in the conventional ‘club’ sound to accompany the continued mechanistic vocals. He then stops the music, slows down the vocals and introduces the drop after the lyrics ‘now get the fuck up’ – (recommendation: a perfect part of the song for an alarm in the morning). The ‘dubstep’ part of the song is very fast and hard to keep up with if you’re new to the dimension of dubstep – it has a lot going on: ‘fog horn-like’ sounds, high pitched notes, screams.. the list goes on. But it all works brilliantly and makes yet another amazing track from Skrillex.

‘First of The Year (Equinox)’ is one of his most recent releases which is the only song he has made a music video for (see below). The video is revolved around the controversial subject of paedophilia – however it has a dark, unexpected twist… very unexpected. It turns out the little girl he chooses as his victim has some kind of matrix-like power which she uses to kill paedophiles. She has a tally chart and everything! Yes, it’s not your average headline on the news, but it definitely reflects the dark and strange atmosphere that emits from the basslines of dubstep. There might be controversy towards this video, but once you hear the song those societal limitations disintegrate and all moral standards disappear. It begins with a ‘bouncy’ almost reggae beat, which is reflected by the prancing of the soon-to-be-discovered demonic child. This is accompanied by the return of the ‘crazy frog’ singing lyrics hard to distinguish. Skrillex then uses his trademark, dramatic, pre-drop vocals as someone screaming ‘CALL 911 NOW!’ which is voiced by the little girl. The drop involves drilling sounds, very high pitched notes and of course a very heavy bassline – after all, it wouldn’t be a Skrillex song without one, would it? The second drop has an additional beat and electronic sound effects which adds to the drama of the video. The second ‘CALL 911 NOW!’ is voiced by the paedophile as he is traumatically killed without even touching the little girl (no pun intended).

So Skrillex has gone from front man of From First to Last to front man of dubstep. He’s taken a huge leap from writing dark and depressing songs in a rock band to putting together some brilliantly co-ordinated club tracks which has lead him to dominate his genre and accumulate millions of avid fans along the way. He’s just recently released his third EP titled ‘More Monsters and Sprite’  in reference to one of his tracks ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprite’. We know there’s an album in the making but unfortunately Skrillex’s laptop was stolen from him back in April during his shows in Milan, Italy which contained tracks in progress for his much anticipated album. Although this means the release has been delayed, it’s worth the wait and we all know he won’t disappoint.

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