Ed Sheeran ‘+’ Review

Posted on September 22, 2011



He’s quickly becoming one of the most favourited musicians of this year. He’s introduced a new genre to the music industry. His album’s been crowned no.1 within less than a week from it’s release date. He is Edward Christopher Sheeran.
On Monday 12th September the long, anticipated album ‘+’ was placed on the shelves for all to see, and of course, all to hear, listen and love. The album includes top ten singles ‘The A Team’ and ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’, which are indeed two of Sheeran’s best known songs. The remaining are a mixture of tracks he wrote before his rise to fame and five brand spanking new.

‘Lego House’ is one of his freshly written songs for the album, therefore fans would only have heard it after the album release, or at gigs leading up to it. This track has a very melodic and gentle sound. He throws in a bit of his trademarked, harmonious rapping for the run up to the chorus and for the break down. The lyrics follow an artistic pattern of using metaphorical language to represent the emotions he is feeling – ‘I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house, and if things go wrong we can knock it down’.

Another one of his new tracks for the album is ‘Drunk’ which has a similar style to ‘Lego House’ but with a little more of a hip-hop feel. He uses a lot of well-known sayings, but twists them by showing off his talent for wordplay – ‘I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed’.

The last track on the album is ‘Give Me Love’ which is a perfect song to sing along to, even if you’ve only heard it once. Ed starts the piece with a long introduction consisting of a guitar and a violin to set the mood.  The lead up to the end of the song is very dramatic and emotion-felt. He finishes the song with a consistent chanting of the words ‘my-my, give me love’ with a whole choir – overall it’s a very powerful round off to the album. But beware… there is a hidden track! It’s a cover of the song Parting Glass, and definitely is not one to miss.

Track five is Wake Me Up’ – a very slow paced ballad which Ed actually wrote on a drunken night out in LA. Considering the guy was hammered it’s a pretty good track! The only instrument involved is a piano with long held chords throughout. The lyrics are very personal about the three year relationship he had just parted from, such as ‘and I know you love Shrek, because we’ve watched it twelve times’. There are also some very humourously out of the blue sentences reflecting his intoxication – ‘and if you’re DVD breaks today, you should of got a VCR, because I’ve never owned a blu ray, true say’. It’s a classic track, which not many people could match the standards of after a drink or ten.

‘He sings fast and we know that all his shit’s cool’, but some of his early fans will have noticed a change in some of his ‘old’ songs on the album, for example, ‘The City’. He’s slowed down the tempo, added heavy guitar and cut out the rap! It sounds very different to the original and some of his devoted fans might be a little unsure of what to make of it.

‘+’ has definitely attracted a lot of attention and will continue to for a while longer. You’ll find a lot of moments of magic in this album as without a doubt Ed Sheeran has raw talent. He’s set himself a high standard to compete with, so let’s see what he brings in album two!

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