Blonde Louis Interview

Posted on September 19, 2011


Blonde Louis are a British up and coming band from Letchworth, Hertfordshire. The band consist of four young, stylish lads, ages between 18-20 – Josh Clarke, Jack Cherry, Harvey Downes and Jack Cox. They formed three years ago and have watched their fan base grow bigger and bigger ever since. For those who haven’t been fortunate enough to have heard these guys yet… Here’s a few song titles you might want to youtube, buy off iTunes or Spotify:
When the Lights Go Out
Sleep on the Floor
If You See James

Blue + Green
Midnight Kiss

I met up with the Blonde Louis boys last year. Although they’ve inevitably done more gigs and performances since this interview took place, here’s an insight into their background and where their journey first began.

How did you come together?
We all went to the same school and decided to start a band.

Where did the name ‘Blonde Louis’ come from?
Well, we wanted ‘Blonde’ in the name and then a friend had a baby and they named it Louis , so we decided to be ‘Blonde Louis’.

What are your musical inspirations?
Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, The Police, Friendly Fires etc.

Where’s been your favourite venue to play at so far?
Probably Southampton Joiners.

Where far do you see yourselves progressing?
As far as we can go really. We’d like to see ourselves being famous one day, definitely.

Who writes your lyrics, and what are they mostly based on?
Mainly Josh! And we like to write our lyrics for people of around 15-18, as this is our main fan base, so they can relate to our songs.

When you’re not rehearsing or performing, what do you usually do?
Eat Chinese, drink beer, watch football… Haha. We all go to college too.

Typical blokes then really?
Yep haha!

Well it’s been great speaking to you, take care!
You too, have a good night and enjoy the show! 

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