Is There a Transcendent World we will Never have the Knowledge to Justify?

Posted on August 30, 2011


So, my work colleague did a ouiji board yesterday and when I walked through the back door into the kitchen at work she almost jumped out of her skin. She hadn’t had a very peaceful night after being harassed and mentally tormented by the unknown. And it got me thinking – is there a whole other, transcendent world that we will never be able to scientifically justify? I would categorically class myself as an atheist, but then what explains all of these stories I’ve been told in the past by trustworthy people? It seems that there are ineffable things surrounding us everyday, that we simply just don’t know about, or simply cannot explain.

Doors in the house kept rattling, and her boyfriend kept screaming and mumbling nonsensically throughout the night. She could feel cold water running down her back, but nothing was there. She felt a cold presence for hours, resulting in goosebumps and panics. What can this be put down to? Paranoia may be one thing. If the mind expects certain events to happen, the mind will trick you into thinking it’s happening. The mind will jump to conclusions, when maybe it was just the wind that made the door slam. In society we’ve been programmed into linking certain things together, because that’s what we’ve been taught from the beginning. Or is it not psychological? The thing about dabbling with the unknown, is that’s all it can be – the unknown. And it’s a well-known fact that the unknown is knowingly the most frightening.

All we can do is debate about these kind of subjects or just put forth theories which we believe make the most sense. What I find difficult is the fact that I do not believe in a God who is transcendent, omniscient, omnipotent etc. I don’t believe in a God that created the world in seven days, purely because in my head, it makes no logical sense. How can anyone make a world so complex in such a small duration of time? But then, one might argue – ‘because God is not anyone, he isn’t human or a spirit, he is the most powerful ‘thing’ in and outside of the universe.’ But then, where’s your evidence? I find it hard to be persuaded purely on word basis only. But then, there are events which have happened to indicate spirits and demons, such as possession. And if there is a devil, there must be a God? But, why must there? We as humanity believe that everything has an opposite, but that doesn’t necessarily deem it true. But then, if the world was dominated by the devil things wouldn’t be as they are – we would be in a living hell. And evidently, there are far too many buts. And that’s just it.

So after re-evaluating  my beliefs in whether there is a meta-physical world out there I found myself back to square one – very confused, and very indecisive.

What are your beliefs?