Amy Winehouse – The Shocking Loss of a Troubled Soul

Posted on July 28, 2011


Everybody knew who Amy Winehouse was – whether it was for the good or the bad reasons – we all knew. And on Saturday 23rd July everybody knew – but this time it was definitely for the bad reason – that she was dead. At 27-years-old she was dead. And there was nothing more anyone could do for her.

I suppose this unfortunate event was inevitable, due to her many troubled years of alcoholism and substance abuse; but nevertheless was the news shocking. Amy had such an amazing voice, such an amazing talent, which in my head made her invincible. But hidden behind that beautiful voice and that flawless talent was a mortal human being, like everybody else, suffering from her own problems. And those problems she had been battling for so long got the better of her. Unless you have been an addict yourself you can’t relate, and people will judge her and say it was her own fault. But, once you see addiction in the perspective of a disease, you begin to realize that she never wanted to be that way. Blaming her for suffering a major addiction cannot be justified.

I’ve seen a number of comments about her death that are completely unfair and undeserved. A person who I am ashamed to even have association with claimed that ‘she was just a druggy, no loss’. It disgraced me. People with drug addiction die every single day and nobody hears a word about it. But within an hour of Amy’s death, every single person, internationally had heard about it, and that is all the evidence in need to disprove this narrow-minded comment about her significance as a person. And as for the no loss part – how completely ridiculous. Amy is a massive loss to the world and the music industry. So many have listened to her music and bought her albums, so many are completely devastated that they will never hear the songs she may have written in the future.

Amy’s talents were seriously overshadowed by her private life, which lead to people underestimating the talent she had. Unfortunately we live in a world where people will only read about the bad things that happen, and ignore the rest. As we all know there were a lot of bad things that Amy did, but never to anyone but herself. It seems that she lead a life of severe self-destruction. Amy was anti-drugs before she met ex-husband Blake Fielder-civil. Although blaming people isn’t the answer, many could say he definitely lead her down the wrong path she took. So, it begs the question of whether Amy would have still fallen into the darkness of drugs if she had not been involved with Blake. No-one can answer with confidence, but it seems unlikely.

But the ‘what ifs’ have no use anymore, as what is done is done. All anybody can do now is respect the loss of an innocent life from a troubled soul, and remember who she really was – A young girl with a dream that became a reality, but sadly became too much for her in the end.

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