Ed Sheeran – He’s Finally Made It

Posted on July 23, 2011


Finally, Ed Sheeran has been discovered after six hard-working, determined years of trying to make it successfully into the music industry. He’s written several EP’s, collaborated with a number of great artists, which each time has brought him closer and closer into the public eye.  He’s finally made it, and he couldn’t be happier, and neither could we. He has an absolutely amazing voice and writes beautiful songs. I first discovered Ed in December 2010, and knew from the very moment I heard his voice that he would be extremely successful, and very soon. This prediction was deemed true in June 2011, when this amazing, original, young artist, with a huge appetite for fame, was signed by ’Atlantic Records’.

Ed Sheeran hit the public domain with his debut single ’The A-team’ which became number three in the charts. ‘The A-team’ was indeed the first song I heard from Ed, and I fell in love with it straight away. The song is actually a true story about a girl called Angel who Ed met when doing voluntary work at a homeless shelter. Angel was a drug addict who embarked in prostitution work to fund for her habit, hence the lyrics ‘and in her pipe she flies to the motherland, and sells love to another man‘. Ed made a clear reference to the girl ‘for angels to fly’.
The real life anecdotes hidden in this song makes it even more beautiful and gives Ed’s fans the opportunity to get to know him.

Another gorgeous and flawless piece written by our very own Ed is ’Little Bird’. If you haven’t yet heard it, I suggest you YouTube it as soon as possible – you won’t regret it! It’s an upbeat song, with amazing lyrics – it can’t really get any better. This song is also based on true events, when Ed and his girlfriend found a chicken with a broken leg. His girlfriend suggested they looked after it until it got better, but Ed wanted a cup of tea and to go to bed. When they awoke, the bird was dead. Ed felt so bad he wrote a song about the ‘little bird’.

The cup of tea Ed sacrificed a chicken's life for

 ’Traktor’ is one of Ed’s many, beautiful covers originally written by Wretch 32. He makes this song completely his own, and when you hear the original version it is evident that Sheeran can turn any song into his own, no matter the genre. It is so catchy, I had this song on repeat for days.

’You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ is one of the first songs I heard. I never really listened to it properly until now, and after a few times hearing it it becomes better and better each time. Ed’s also known, not just for his flawless vocals, but for his ability to sing/rap very fast. This talent is used in this song, and also the song ‘UNI’. The original version of ‘You Need Me’ has been altered, as this song will be appearing on his album released in September.

’Small Bump’ is another song written and sung with Ed’s well-known perfection, a delicate melody and a slow pace. All it entails is his voice and his guitar. This song is about one of Ed’s friends who unfortunately had a miscarriage. The lyrics tell the story with great emotion, provoking a moving response from his listeners and certainly fans which may have experienced one of life’s most greatest cruelties.

Another brilliant song is ’Sofa’, which he quotes is about ‘spooning and getting high’ – Oh Ed Ed Ed… It’s an inevitably great song though, with a mainstream sound to it, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this is his next single.

So, our newly found ginger, with a voice to die for is definitely making a name for himself. He will be releasing his first ever, signed album on 12th September 2011 and I can imagine it will hit one of the best selling albums of this year – if not decade. He is touring all around the country at the moment, so if you’re a fan of Ed then hurry, as tickets are selling out rapidly!

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