Bring Me The Horizon – I don’t think they’re asking for much

Posted on July 10, 2011


I have recently rediscovered my love for Bring Me The Horizon. I liked their music a number of years ago, but ever since their new album came out, ‘There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret’, I just find myself rewinding back in time and constantly listening to them. Every time I’m on the bus to school, on my way to work etc. their tracks are the first ones I play and the last ones I listen to. I know there has been some controversy from numerous metal fans internationally that dislike their new album because they’ve changed, but I love what they’ve done. I think people should stop attacking all the hard work they’ve put into the album. They shouldn’t have to ask their supposed fans for approval!

They’ve got a lot of featured artists which gives their album so much more variety. I mean, their old stuff was equally as good, but their old albums are also very different. Their lyrics were just portraying their excessive anger at particular things; mainly women. However, I think they’ve taken the opportunity this time to redeem themselves and try to neutralize a lot of anger from people at their previous antics. I think everyone whose into the metal genre will be familiar with the accusations thrown at Oli Sykes a few years ago! And unfortunately, people can be very unforgiving. I think he’s aware he’s upset a lot of people, and he’s trying to put things right by showing he’s not the vulgar man everyone wrongly thinks he is. I, for once, actually find some of their songs move me. The subjects they write about are more common for many people, which makes it easier for people to relate to. ‘Blessed with a curse’ is brilliant. I bought it on iTunes last week and I haven’t stopped playing it since!

If you compare the lyrics to previous albums I think there is a dramatic difference. It seems evident that maybe the band are maturing a little bit and realizing that expressing emotions other than rage isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I went to go and see them live on 29th April at Brixton academy, and it was the most amazing gig I have ever been to! The atmosphere was just crazy and BMTH really took the stage. I can’t wait to relive the whole thing in August at Reading festival.

Personally, I think this new album has been a turning point for the lads. It was probably a very hard decision to make, as it meant leaving what they’re familiar with behind, and enrolling in a new style and a new way of making music. It’s never easy choosing to go against what you know. Oli seems to be delving into the depths of his feelings and exposing himself to the world. The fact that they have lost a lot of old fans is ridiculous. Bands change, and in this case, get better, and I think it’s pure narrow mindedness if you can’t stick with a band just because they’ve decided to take a different path. I’ve read some really immature and obnoxious arguments on youtube of people complaining about how BMTH are not ‘metal’ anymore, therefore they don’t like them. I mean, that is no foundation for discontinuing your admiration for something. My opinion – they weren’t fans in the first place. They were just listening to them to prove some point about being ‘metal’. Well all I have to say is that you’re not ‘metal’, just ‘narrow minded assholes’.

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